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About SILT Real Estate and Investments, LLC

To provide a home you are proud of so that you feel safe, happy, and part of a community.

Get To Know About SILT Real Estate and Investments, LLC

What does SILT Real Estate and Investments, LLC do?

People come to us when they need to sell their house in and around Chicago, Illinois so that they can save time and energy to be able to move on with their lives quickly and effortlessly.

We’re more than just a local “We Buy Houses Company”. We aim to provide a home you are proud of so that you feel safe, happy, and part of a community.

It starts by providing solutions for homeowners looking to sell their house. We make it easy to sell when you want the convenience of a fast, honest, and fair offer. We aim to make you feel that you made the right choice from the beginning and won’t be taken advantage of.

So what does a local company that buys houses mean to you?

First, we know that each seller has a unique need and situation that they need help with. So we do our best to find a solution for your unique needs! We know the Chicagoland area well. We know the market well. And we have partnerships where we aim to help you get out of whatever situation that is making you need to sell as fast as possible or on your timeline. Get to know about us and see if we fit you.

We aim to provide the best end-to-end sales solution to anyone who needs to sell their house. Period!

In an ever-changing market, and with so many ways to sell a house, we stay on top of the values, trends, and needs of the house seller to provide a solution to sell YOUR house fast! If you sell to us or not, we still aim to make sure you get all the help you need and point you in the right direction of whoever may be able to help you best. No matter which way you choose to sell your house, we make the benefits of each way clear and transparent.

That’s how we provide the best solution to let you sell your house fast!

With so many options, how is it easy?

As a local investor, we continually use local contractors and can keep our costs low. That allows us to make a fair, competitive cash offer letting you put more cash in your pocket.

To go with that, no matter your situation, we listen to your wants and needs and then walk you through your options on selling your house making the costs, benefits, and risks clear. Take a look at how easy the home selling process is. This allows you to make the most informed decision you can. We know not everyone wants options, but we think it’s right to show people what solutions are available for their situations. Then we walk you through the process all the way to close, even if you don’t sell to us.

That sounds like house sales that are as easy as an internet search to us.

But do you take a cut or charge hidden fees?

As a cash home buying company, we have to make a profit on each home in order to stay in business. 

We simply can’t work for free no matter how much we love what we do every day. To answer your question, we do offer fair prices that allow us to still make a profit and do not charge hidden fees. We believe in transparency about the offer and the sale of your house. We even often will cover seller fees at our expense.

We have fun helping homeowners out of less-than-ideal situations and taking on renovation projects, big or small!

Do you still have other questions or aren’t sure if we’re right for you? Well, check out our Frequently Asked Questions here, or just contact us to ask your question directly.

Our Promise To You

We promise to give you a personalized and competitive cash offer that we are proud of. We won’t waste your time or ours with lowball offers. Let us help you skip the traditional home selling hassles, so you can get excited about what’s next. No more fees, no more open houses, no more inspections, and no more waiting. 

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Vision, Mission, and Values and why you should want to sell your house to SILT Real Estate and Investments

Cash Home Buyers You Can Trust

SILT Real Estate and Investments, LLC values honesty, compassion, and transparency. We eliminate all of the drawbacks that come with selling your house the traditional way. We do not rely on lender financing– we have our own cash. We buy properties as-is and close on your timeline. Unlike realtors, we do not charge commission or fees. If you need to sell your house for cash, we truly believe we could be a great option!

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