How To Sell Your House Faster

When homeowners end up in the position of needing to sell their home, they start to consider all their options. You’ll frequently ask yourself “How can I sell my house faster?” Homeowners should learn about an option that is increasing in popularity and that’s selling to an investor agent. We’ll explain why selling to an investor agent gives you the most opportunities to meet your specific needs. You’ll get the pros and cons of talking to them about selling your home faster and by the end of this, you’ll know if contacting an investor agent is the right option for you and your home selling situation.

What Is An Investor Agent?

Traditionally, an investor agent is an agent that works closely with investors and specializes in finding and selling properties for investors. The best investor agents actually do the investing themselves and have a team or partners to help you when you’re looking for ways to sell your house faster. They use the best of both roles to create a hybrid that focuses on what are the best ways to sell your house quickly. They can use the best methods to list your house or utilize their team to buy your property and flip it to help beautify the Chicagoland area. When thinking of why you should sell, sometimes the motivating factor has to do with selling fast, and other times it has to do with making the most. Either way, and investor agent can present a personalized solution for the best ways to sell your house faster. 

Read on to explore why the hybrid investor agent is the best option for you to sell your house in the Chicagoland area.

5 Advantages of Selling To An Investor Agent When Wondering “How To Sell My Home Faster.”

  1. Zero costs

Hybrid investor agents, like the ones at SILT Real Estate and Investments, LLC, believe that providing you with all the info you need when wondering how to sell your home faster and being transparent about the process upfront allows you to make the most informed decision. That comes at zero cost to you. That means you first learn about the local market and what each option could mean for you. Should your best option be to list it on the market to sell, your hybrid investor agent will first outline everything clearly acting as your agent to get you top dollar. They will detail all of the numbers for the costs involved, including commissions, marketing, prep, or repairs on the home, and any other fees or expenses you can expect to pay out of pocket before the closing. if you’re considering selling directly to a cash buyer instead, your hybrid investor agent will provide you with the amount you’ll receive in cash at the closing. A direct buyer like those at SILT Real Estate and Investments, LLC will show you the calculations used so that you can understand clearly how we came to the offer. We do this at SILT Real Estate and Investments, LLC because we want you to feel good about the deal long after closing.

  1. As Is Sales

Selling a house, no matter the condition can feel like a daunting and time-consuming task. If your house is move-in ready, or close, like most on-market buyers are looking for, then listing it is really the best way to sell. When your house is in poor condition, you may not be sure what to do at all.  Sometimes it may make more sense to sell directly to your hybrid investor agents, like at SILT Real Estate and Investments, LLC, for a fair market value. If the house doesn’t conform with the expectations of the surrounding properties, or the property has become distressed for whatever reason (physical or financial like with liens or encumbrances) and investing the time, effort, and money to rehabilitate your property just isn’t in the cards, instead of wondering, “How to sell the house quickly?” a direct sale may be a better option. Acting as a direct buyer, your hybrid investor agent will make you an offer to buy your home in as-is condition. Then, when you use the new way to sell your house in Chicago, you’ll know you made the right choice because your hybrid investor agent will provide you with straightforward options.

  1. Expert Guidance
Learn value of home in IL

Investor agents are experienced professionals who understand the intricacies of properties in a way that just an investor or an agent generally does. They know how to sell a home faster and can provide valuable insight, advice, and guidance throughout the selling process no matter which way you decide to sell, helping you navigate potential challenges and ensuring a smoother transaction. When listing, they’ll help you understand any changes in the home that may need to occur to highlight the qualities that will make your home more desirable and valuable when showing to others. Your investor agent will also most likely advise you to also consider hiring a staging professional to further enhance your home’s presentation in your marketing plan.  If open houses and showings aren’t your cup of tea, you aren’t alone, and you can skip all of the hassles and sell directly to your hybrid investor agent.

  1. Access To A Professional Team

Investor agents have local professional teams to help them through each of the various sales processes. This provides you access to the network an investor agent has to allow you to rehab the home yourself and sell it for top dollar on the market and can be one of the best ways to sell your house faster. This can be a time-consuming process, so saving that leg work can keep your sale moving along quickly. Or their team, or partners, can provide you with a quick, cash sale. Having access to professional teams for both selling processes can make it very easy, speedy, and convenient to sell your house.

  1. Sell For More And Sell Now

Selling to an investor agent can offer you the benefit of trying to sell for more money now on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) using the open market as well as having a cash offer in your back pocket that if you don’t want to wait any longer or don’t like having to deal with all the showings, you can just opt to sell your property at that moment. If you’re in no hurry, a traditional listing on the MLS may be a better option. Acting as a real estate agent to sell your house faster, a  hybrid investor agent like those at SILT Real Estate and Investments, LLC will schedule a  digital photographer to present your home online. Most listings will also provide potential buyers with a 360-degree virtual tour, drone photography, and virtual staging if needed. Your marketing plan will place your property at the fingertips of buyers across the globe on top sites. If you’re ready to close right now, a direct sale with a hybrid investor agent will get a guaranteed closing date, within a matter of weeks in many cases. Or, we can work with you and close at a more convenient time; our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for sellers.

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Drawbacks To Using An Investor Agent When Looking For the Fastest Way To Sell Your House

  1. Cash Offer May Not Be Close To Wanted Price

When considering if you want to list your house or sell to an investor agent, the price will usually be a deciding factor. Investor agents will have to take the condition of the property into consideration when looking to accommodate for the potential needed repairs, renovations, and other investment costs. The trade-off in exchanging that equity you have in the house though is speed and you do save on commissions and fees to close because most investor agents, especially the ones at SILT Real Estate and Investments, LLC, will pay for those fees.

  1. To Get You Your Price, It May Require Creative Financing Solutions

A popular way to get your price in a lump sum is the “Fix It And List It” method of selling faster. In this method, the investor agent will take the property and agree to a price that you’ll be paid after they have rehabilitated the property and sold it on the MLS for the most profit. They can give you closer to the price you’re looking for because they aren’t paying double fees and save some of the upfront cost. The downside to this is that you could be waiting months for the repairs and sale to be completed. This means you won’t sell a house quickly. Keep in mind that the investor agent doesn’t want to keep their resources tied up so they do have an incentive to move quickly on the rehab and sale. 

With so few drawbacks, you’re probably thinking it’s too good to be true to sell house faster. If you’re considering working with an investor agent, do factor in all the pros and cons of working with them. If you’re looking for a personalized solution that solves as many of your desires as possible, then working with an investor agent is a very viable option. By dealing with an investor agent, you can sell your home faster or sell for the most money on the market while having the clarity and needed insight along the way. Please conduct thorough research, seek professional advice, and weigh the pros and cons of your specific circumstances before making the decision. If working with an investor agent at SILT Real Estate and Investments, LLC sounds like the best way for you to go, or even start, fill out the form below and we’ll be glad to start learning about your unique situation. Or if you just want to talk to us about what your options can be or ask us a question, you can give us a call at (708) 415-3801!

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