couple selling house in divorce Chicago

Selling A House In A Divorce

Going through a divorce sucks! It’s difficult with many emotions, including grief, anger, and fear. It can feel overwhelming to deal with. Most times, the most stressful part is dealing with the marital assets you have accumulated as a couple. This can include your house. Choosing what to do with your home can be extremely … Continued
Options for inherited property Chicago

Options For Inherited House

We understand that losing a loved one is never easy, and dealing with their belongings and property can be overwhelming. After laying your loved one to rest, you’re probably unsure what to do next. There is all their stuff to deal with, including a house or home. Read on, and we’ll explain your options and … Continued
negative equity on house Chicago

Negative Equity On A House

Most homeowners don’t expect their house to depreciate when they buy it. Most real estate agents and other market experts say that homes appreciate, on average, about 3% to 5% depending on your local market, with an average of 4.3% since 1991 and 4.7% since 2000, according to FHFA. Even more recently, appreciation has climbed … Continued
back property taxes owed Illinois

Selling Property With Delinquent Taxes

Property taxes are a necessary part of home ownership. They provide the needed funds for schools, libraries, roads, and local services like the fire department and police department. Every piece of property provides a small amount to the high cost those services require. Most people don’t realize how much they pay for those services. Even … Continued
Notice of preforeclosure to sell your house fast Chicago

How To Stop Foreclosure

You received a notice that your home is in preforeclosure and it’s made you scared and worried about what can happen to you. Will the bank really take your home away from you? Will you be thrown out of the place you’ve lived? What can I do to stop foreclosure now? Unfortunately, this is the … Continued
Sell house with tenant Illinois

Selling A House With Tenants

Becoming a landlord is a great way to generate additional income. At some point, you may get tired of dealing with tenants. At this point you probably think you need to put your rental property up for sale… or maybe you have already thought about it. You probably have questions about selling a property with … Continued
Why is my house not selling in a hot market Chicago

Why Is My House Not Selling In A Hot Market?

It’s been a hot seller’s market since the tail end of 2020. Even adjusting for seasonal changes, we’ve seen days on market (DOM) continue to decrease with increasing prices since. According to the St Louis FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data), it’s selling in 43 days as of May 2023 and down from 68 days in … Continued
fire damage property Chicago Illinois

Selling A Fire Damaged Home

The resentment, anger, and hurt after getting a house with fire damage can feel overwhelming. Now you’re expected to be able to filter through the next steps of dealing with a fire damaged property and figure out a game plan to get back on your feet. The most recent data states that the number of … Continued
person frustrated after home improvement mistakes

What Not To Fix When Selling Your House!

Everyone wants to present their house in the best light when they are looking to sell. We’ve been told that it’s the best way to make the most and sell quickly. Not all repairs are created equal and really aren’t worth the time and money, especially if it delays listing or hurts your return on … Continued
Should I sell to a home investor in Illinois

Investor Agents And How To Get Your Home Sold Fast

You’re excited about the changes life is bringing to you. You just got a promotion at work and you need a new home, or you are going to be a parent shortly and now you need a bigger house. Or bad stuff is happening, like you’re getting divorced or a parent just passed away, and … Continued
a listing agent in Illinois listing a home for sale

Using A Listing Agent

Because of the complexity of selling a house, many homeowners will seek the help of a listing agent to list their house on the MLS. These experts in selling real estate can provide valuable guidance throughout the real estate transaction. They know how to market the house, negotiate a good sales price with fewer contingencies, … Continued
Repaired house after fixing code violations in IL

Sell Your House With Code Violations

Trying to sell a house with code violations can leave you feeling frustrated, angry, and maybe even a little confused. Unfortunately, there are quite a few things that can register as a code violation, and stop buyers from being able to close on your house when the property does not meet housing regulations. Read on … Continued
Learn value of home in IL

How To Sell Your House Faster

When homeowners end up in the position of needing to sell their home, they start to consider all their options. You’ll frequently ask yourself “How can I sell my house faster?” Homeowners should learn about an option that is increasing in popularity and that’s selling to an investor agent. We’ll explain why selling to an … Continued
Selling my dilapidated house in Chicago

How To Sell A House In Poor Condition

Selling a damaged house or selling a house in poor condition sometimes referred to as dilapidated, can feel like an intimidating task. Even small damage to your property like chipped paint, warn floors, or leaking roof can feel discouraging, especially when you are selling a difficult to sell house. Never mind if there are large … Continued
Wondering about how to sell your home

How To Sell My House: Your No-Nonsense, 5-Step Guide

Wondering “How Do I Sell My Home?” Thinking about selling your home can sometimes feel overwhelming and like a downright daunting task. It really doesn’t have to be. We’ve broken it down into 5 simple steps needed for every home sale. No matter if you’re looking to sell it with an agent or FSBO (For … Continued
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